• Our Power to Create the New Story of Care

    A Dialogic Event for Health and Social Care Professionals and concerned Citizens

    who want to work together to transform Care in the UK.

    27 April 2016 in London.





  • We are All authoring the New Story of Care

    We have all experienced first-hand the effects of our de-humanizing system. Time to Re-humanize.

    This event will empower us humans with strategic knowledge, tactical resources,

    heart-felt connections, and renewed purpose.


    Meet amazing people making a difference, and be one of them.


    Join Us.

    Andy shares the New Story of Care philosophy and explains how we have the power to create the changes we want to see in Care.

  • The Event Contributers

    These people are shifting paradigms, redefining outcomes, leading with heart, and modeling the New Story every day.

    You will sit in a circle with these people, hear the stories of these people, and share your own.

    These people want to meet you, support you, and change care with you.


    Care Change-maker

    You are the real creator of the New Story of Care. Speak your voice. Share your experience. Connect with amazing colleagues. Gain support and skills in building the New Story of Care. This event is about You. 

    Reserve Your Place in the Circle.

    Mary Freer

    Social Innovator and CEO Creating Stories of Change

    Co-founded the Gathering of Kindness and Australia’s first Change Day in 2014, which resulted in over 15,000 individuals and organisations pledging to do one thing to improve patient and client outcomes. CEO, Social Innovator with Freerthinking, and Westpac Bicentennial Social Change Fellow.
    More at Freerthinking.com.au.

    Matthew Taylor

    CEO of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts

    Working on enriching society through creative ideas and action. Former Chief Adviser on Political Strategy to the Prime Minister. Former Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research. Has written numerous articles and is a regular panellist on Radio 4’s Moral Maze. More at thersa.org.

    Alister Scott and Neil Scotton

    Catalyzers and Co-founders of the One Leadership Project

    Working on making Big Change possible. Enabling clarity, dialogue, engagement, and collaboration for those that truly want to make a difference. How would our grandchildren want us to change right now? More at enablingcatalysts.com.

    Dr. Chris Manning

    Former GP Changing Self-Care and Mental health for Care Workers

    Left the GP world in 1999 to founded a mental health charity called Primhe. Chaired the Depression Alliance for 5 years. Served on the National Suicide Prevention Strategy Advisory Board Created Action for NHS Staff Wellbeing. Chair of the College of Medicine Mental

    Health Group and a trustee of Richmond Health Voices.

    Paul Johanson

    Relational Intelligence Teacher, Buddhist Chaplain

    Social worker, advanced relational skills trainer and psychotherapist. Long term practitioner and teacher of mindfulness and compassion meditation and is currently Buddhist Chaplain at the University of Sussex and the Martlets Hospice.

    Dr. David Peters

    Event Host, Director of The Center for Resilience

    Clinical Director in the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Westminster.  
    Exploring ways of measuring resilience and improving it through biofeedback, mindfulness, positive emotion and self-care. Training NHS staff including RCGP, Guys junior doctors and local NHS Community Trust.

    Micheline Mason

    Author, Activist, Co-Facilitator

    "Disabled" individual shining a light on the power of inclusion for decades. Writes and speaks to challenge societal notions of care for all classes of people. Co-authored, Healing the Hurts of Capitalism. More at michelinemason.com.

    Andy Bradley

    Event Host, Co- Facilitator, Founder of Frameworks 4 Change, TEDx Speaker

    Grew up in a dementia care home. Worked as a carer and then managed a day centre and care home in the NHS. Saw that the care system lacked essential human elements and founded Frameworks 4 Change to evolve safer, compassionate systems of care and a kinder, more human-enlivening world.

    More at frameworks4change.co.uk.

  • How Does This Event Work?

    This is not your typical event. We use Frameworks 4 Change's Compassionate Facilitation
    method to connect, unlock, and co-evolve the New Story of Care together.


    None of us is as smart as all of us.


    Reserve your seat.


    No bullets or pointing.

    Sleepily watching someone behind a podium is not how we create change. We replace slides with stories and presentations with conversations. This event is about all of us talking, sharing, connecting, supporting, and solving together.

    A 60-person Circle

    Everyone's Experience Matters

    We use new models of learning and systems change based on active participation. We're going to be in a circle together, learning from each other, and breaking out into sessions that build our capacity to create change.

    Communal Lunch Experience

    Humans Bond Over Food

    This event includes a healthy, caring lunch where we can connect over what really matters to us, and get to know our fellow change-making tribes people, human to human. Many events have little to no time for genuinely connecting with the people in the room.  Connection is the missing element in change no longer. 

    Learning with Each Other

    People like You Supporting and Teaching People Like You

    There will be some amazing stories in the room. The collective change power and diverse experiences of the attendees will a be a first for care in the UK. You might just sit next to someone that enlightens your life. And you might enlighten someone else's. The "experts" in the room can't wait to learn from you.

    Lasting Connections

    Welcome to The Community

    This event will live far beyond one day because all of us will stay connected, support each other, and experiment "in the wild" to co-create the New Story of Care in our Community of Practice. Find your place in this Community. Plug into the people, energy, and resources and help us all make a difference.

    Planting the Seeds of Change

    This is how it starts.

    Like-minded individuals come together in a Community of Practice committed to change, and we embark on a journey that enlivens a movement. In fact, it's already happening, and this event will catalyze, enhance, and channel the energy of change so we can all create the caring world we know is possible.

  • Meet Us at the University of Westminster

    27 April 2016. 115 New Cavendish St. Room C115-116.

    10:30 am Welcome. 11:00 am Start. 1:00 pm Lunch. 6:00 pm Finish.

    Reserve your place in the circle.

  • Awesome Values-aligned Companies

    Sponsoring the New Story of Care

    Sticky People

    We help you find, select, and keep the best care and nursing staff with  our award-winning tools and techniques.

    Delta 7

    Transforming your organization one conversation at a time. Specialized in engaging employees with strategy and change.

    Daily Sparkle

    A reminiscence publication used by organizations like AgeUK and DementiaUK that entertains, stimulates the mind, and improves memory.

    Photographic Society for Seniors


    We promise to stimulate the creativity of seniors and people living with dementia through photography.

    One Leadership Project


    Together, Making Big Change Happen.

    Wild Things


    Reimagining business for how the world is now. Creating new ways of working together with inspiration, tools, space, and community.

  • Everyone Matters Ticketing

    We value diverse opinions, perspectives, and experiences. Everyone Matters.

    We trust you to choose the ticket that is the best match for you.

    Lunch, refreshments, and camaraderie included.

  • What will empower your New Story of Care?

    Tell us what you would love to experience at this event.
    We will share these anonymously on the day.